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Why is React so famous?

React is a JavaScript library for building complex, interactive user interfaces. Created by Facebook and released as an open source project in 2013, React is one of the most popular and widely used libraries for creating single-page applications. It is also used in mobile and desktop development, server-side rendering and virtual DOM.

React is famous for its speed and simplicity, as well as its ability to create complex user interfaces. It uses a declarative programming model, which makes coding simpler and faster, and is easy to understand. The library allows developers to create logical components, or views, which are built from code and easily shared between projects. Components make it easy to quickly create rich user experiences by breaking the user interface into smaller, isolated sections.

React is also known for its flexibility. It allows developers to easily build custom components and reuse them in various interfaces. This makes it easy to rapidly build new applications without having to start from scratch.

React uses a virtual DOM (Document Object Model). This means that instead of re-rendering the whole page with every change, it only updates the necessary components. This significantly increases the performance of web applications. Additionally, React’s one-directional data flow makes it easier to debug problems.

React is also highly modular. This means that different parts of the application can be broken down into individual components without having to rewrite large parts of the code. This makes the development process more efficient and allows developers to quickly make changes to the codebase.

The React community is also enthusiastic and helpful. There are numerous online resources, tutorials and blogs that can help developers get started quickly. React also has well-maintained documentation and lots of support from third-party vendors.

In conclusion, React is widely used and well-known because of its simplicity, flexibility, speed and modularity. Its open source nature and strong community are also a major factor as it enables developers to quickly get help, as well as create and share new components. All of these things make React one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for web and mobile development.