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Is Google using NodeJS?

Google is not currently using Node.js as a primary backend technology. While the company has done some experiments in the past and is exploring potential use cases, Node.js is not part of Google’s formal architecture.

Google’s architecture is complex and there is no single solution which fits all for all of itsservices. However, there are certain components which form the backbone of Google’s technology stack. For client-server applications Google uses mostly Java and Python. For serving webpages, Google uses C++.

When it comes to Google’s adoption of Node.js, there is definitely a lot of curiosity. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime, which enables developers to create fast, scalable, and secure web applications. It uses Google V8 Engine for compilation and is optimized for low-latency and high throughput applications.

Node.js has features that are attractive for organizations like Google. It enables asynchronous I/O operations, making it an ideal choice for scalable applications, and Streams API, by which developers can process data as it is being read and written, improving overall latency and throughput.

However, only an experimental use of Node.js can be observed at Google. In 2016, Google’s Open Source Programs Office held a Hackathon and awarded prizes to teams that created interesting projects on Node.js. This event showcased Google’s enthusiasm for Node.js, but the company is yet to make it part of its core technology stack.

Google is also already experimenting with express.js, an open source web application framework for Node.js, as an alternative to PHP and Apache. Express.js is a lightweight and modular framework that can make web development for complex applications simpler and faster. Since it is an open source development platform, it does not require configuring, maintaining or scale its own environment.

At present, it’s hard to speculate what would be the fate of Node.js at Google. The company is known for changing its technology stack frequently, so Node.js may become part of the core infrastructure at some point. It takes time for Google to integrate a new technology like Node.js, and it is not likely to happen overnight.

However, considering its scalability, speed, and popularity, Node.js is a strong contender for being a part of Google’s official architecture. It’s likely that it will experience some growth in the near future, but no one can be certain about its future for the time being.