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Which is best programming language?


Picking the “best” programming language is a difficult task, as different languages are well-suited for different tasks and applications. However, this article will examine some of the most popular and widely used programming languages according to current industry trends.

Popular Languages for Web Development

The most popular language for web development is JavaScript, as it is compatible with all major browsers and is used extensively for the development of interactive web pages. HTML and CSS are also important for building the structure and styling of websites.

For server-side programming, languages such as PHP, Python and Ruby have become popular choices. Each language is designed to tackle specific tasks, which makes them more suitable for certain projects. For example, PHP is particularly good for creating dynamic content, while Python is suitable for data analysis tasks.

Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

When it comes to mobile app development, the two most commonly used languages are Java and Objective-C. Java is most commonly used for developing Android apps while Objective-C is used for developing iOS apps. HTML and CSS are also used in some cases for mobile app development.

Popular Programming Languages for Desktop Applications

When it comes to developing desktop applications, the two most widely used languages are C and C++. Both languages are powerful and provide developers with a wealth of features for creating complex applications. C# is also popular for certain types of desktop applications.


There is no single “best” programming language, as each language is better suited for certain tasks and projects. However, some languages have become popular and widely used in certain areas, such as web development, mobile app development and desktop application development.